Sprite Something


I have recently discovered this


Looks like a nice fit for codea, except for one thing: I don’t seem to find a way to actually use sprites created with this in codea on the go (i.e. without my mac to shovel them around). It would be great if that was possible, but I don’t know enough about iDevice development to figure out a way how to do that to propose to either party (TLL or Terrible Games… or both). Does anybody have a sensible idea for that? Might be helpful in other contexts as well…

The easist solution requires a jailbreak- using I file, navigate to the documents folder in the sprite something directory and save your work to the camera roll.

The other way is to email them to yourself. Then, open the email, and save the image to the camera roll.

Just had to re-open this post. Sprite Something has just enabled Dropbox export, with that and the fact that you can export to your photo library, I find it a near-perfect fit for Codea

Yes @Jordan, I’m also using it and the new release with dropbox and phot library support will make things far far easy from now on!

Is anybody using this app with codea?

Yes, I am. Works very well

Me too - highly recommend.

I use sprite something too. I found images with transparency didn’t save correctly into the camera roll. Copy image to clipboard from email works, though. I wish the app would copy image to clipboard itself.