Sprite Picker

Hello codea users, I needed a sprite picker for my level editor so I came up with as simple design I can as all I needed was the img path returned.
Here it is: http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/CC/alpha/index.php?v=1467 , includes a loading bar that turns from red to green when fully loaded.

@Luatee Nice! Thanks for sharing it.

@Briarfox thanks, I’m curious how fast it runs. On my iPad 3 its 60fps all the time except when loading images.

@Luatee it throws up an error when I run it. bug??

@Luatee sweet! i guess I won’t have to begin my sprite picker now xD
Very nice job!

@Paul123 you have to change the ‘back’ button where the spritepicker gets set up

What error is it? It’s running fine for me.
@Stevon8ter I’d start work on your sprite picker anyway, it’s all for learning so recreating it can only be beneficial. If you can make it look nicer, go ahead. I just went for simplistic design.

@Luatee that’s my problem, I know in my head how I’d do it, but it’s the design… I’m really not good at that
and the error is that we don’t have your images from your documents :wink:

@Stevon8ter ahh right, should have just made an arrow image in codea! Well try either way it’s good to see how your implementation is different from mine.