Sprite FX

I am currently working on some sprites fx for myself, i thought I would share a sneak peek and see if anyone is interested. I’d be happy to share them once their done.


@warox that looks really good! I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the new Codea Craft update. Simeon said that he will be adding 2D Elemental FX, which includes fire and water. I would still like to see your code when you finished. Are you doing it with multiple frames and images or did you find another way to do it?

@CamelCoder Currently I’m just sketching up loads of ideas for FX in procreate, I’m planning to make all the frames with vectors. So people can scale the graphics however they like. I will have a github page up with download to the different files once I get to it

Put together just a small test of the explosion sprite


Very cool!

Very cool indeed

What app did you use for this? I think this is really cool!
Edit: Nevermind telling me what app you used, I see that you used procreate.

@Valgo i used graphics from autodesk to create a vector format of my sketch