Sprite colors

I d like to use sprites to create turn based game maps. In each sprites (animated or not), one or two colors will be used to draw the shadows.
Q1: is it possible to apply operations (eg. Blending) on the selected colors to adapt the shadow with the background sprites ?
Q2: I am a noob concerning shaders, mesh and so one. Do you think it is worthwhile to use them for my purpose, even for drawing the map) ?
I hope that I am clear enough…

Thanks Jmv38. Concerning the first question: I draw in a specific chosen color the shadow in the sprite. When I draw the sprite I d like to mix the shadow with the backgroud. The shadow in the sprite is detected thanks to the arbitrary chosen color.

I you draw the shadow color youself in the sprite image, then make it partially tansparent (the 4rth coordinate or the color, set it at, say, 128 to start with) so it will mix with the background

Can someone help?

I am not sure to understand all the details of your question, but
Q1/ you can make a lot of things with the new blend options. Certainly shadows (i use MULTIPLY for shadows and ADDITIVE for lightening).
Q2/ i think you should start with sprite() only. When you are satisfied, if (and only if) you face a frame rate problem, then you could transfer everything into meshes. Don’t try to do too much, too fast: you’ll miss the fun!

Thanks again.