Sprite Collision

I need help with the Sprite collisions, i looked at some other questions and conversations, but they didnt help me. Can someone explain me Sprite collisions? Btw i need Sprite collisions for a shooter.

Sprites don’t collide, physics bodies do. You need to define a physics body the size of your sprite and then work with physics collision. You don’t have your other questions figured out yet and you’re getting even deeper into the unknown. You’re going to have a lot of questions on how to do collisions but you don’t seems to have you’re buttons and screens figured out yet.

@Killer.Jo - remember what we have both tried to get across to you - small steps, don’t try to leap ahead as you’ll find you don’t understand the code - the understanding that’s needed to make these steps.

@dave1707 @Bri_G Ok. I’ll create a game where you can drive a car. (I know that I wrote this very very often)