Splitting Craft Models

How exactly do you use craft.model:split() to seperate a 3D craft model??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It doesn’t split models. It creates unique vertices for each triangle of the model.

@dave1707, I know what you mean. Is there, however, any possible way to actually split the model into seperate pieces or even just add a skeleton to the model like in Blender?

@Creator - do you need to split specific parts of your model for use as separate models?

There are examples where model explosion is implemented for explosion/destruction of the model.

If you need separate parts you probably need to go back to blender and cleave the model where you need to then save them as separate objects.

A model editor could probably be written that would allow you to select the triangles that make up the model. Probably take awhile to separate the parts though. Might not be worth it.

Are you trying to make a model look like it’s ripping in half?

@Creator27 if you search the forums, you can find a post where @dave1707 demonstrates a way to create an explosion effect on a Craft model, and you might be able to use that code, with modifications.

His trick is that he isn’t actually exploding the model, he’s duplicating all its parts as individual Craft entities, and then animating each one separately—so if you want to make a model look like it’s ripping in half, you could conceivably adapt his code so that it basically copies the existing model into two separate models, which you then animate separately to make them tear apart.