Special letters

Hello agian,
I would like to print("Ää,Üü,Öö,ß,Ðð,Ææ,Þþ"), but it changes to print("Ää,Üü,Öö,ß,Ðð,Ææ,Þþ"), after a few seconds. I searched in this forums and I heard that someone has written a libary to deal with special characters. But the post is old and it seems like the libary does not work anymore. I would be very glad if someone could help me to print the letters in any way.

@Gewis I tried the first print statement and it printed those exact characters. Can you give more info of how you’re printing them.

@dave1707 Yes, it works for the first time but if you restart the program it will replace this characters.

@Gewis I tried doing multiple restarts using the restart icon and nothing changes for me. It still prints them OK. What version of Codea and iOS and iPad type are you using.

What doesn’t work in the utf8 library? I use it in my projects. The most up to date version can be found on github. If you have some code that shows how that library doesn’t work, please post it.

@Gewis Maybe I don’t understand what you’re trying to do but I have no trouble either printing or texting the characters you show in your first print statement. Here what I’m using to print and text the characters without any problems.

function setup()
    print("Ä ä Ü ü Ö ö ß Ð ð Æ æ Þ þ")

function draw()
    text("Ä ä Ü ü Ö ö ß Ð ð Æ æ Þ þ",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2)

@dave1707 I have tested it agian. It seems like the problem/bug only appears when I use Codea Air Code. If I use my IOS device it works without problems. If you use Air Code the special characters will change to other letters which should not be there. It is deficult to make a screenshot which shows more information about the problem. You can only see the letters changing after you restart the programm with Codea Air Code.

@Gewis That sounds like a problem with Air Code. I don’t use Air Code so I wouldn’t have seen the problem.