sounds on phone won't load or play

put codea on my iphone 6 or 6s, i forget which, and loaded my space invaders into codea. it runs, surprising me. but no sound. when i touch the parens in sound(), i can go to the invaders folder and the sounds are there. if i touch the play, they do not preview. if i select one, it doesn’t go inside the parens. same with the game sounds that come with codea, after downloading them. what am i doing wrong? thanks!

@RonJeffries Have you downloaded the latest Codea update. The sound got broken in a previous release or 2. It’s been fixed since then.

i dl’d it fresh from app store … it’s 3.2.5 (240). both the iphone one and this one - secondary ipad - are saying “unable to verify receipt” on the version page. is this known?

p,s. sound fine in 3.2.5 on ipad

turning sound on helped a lot. :slight_smile: