Sound issue in latest 3.x release?

There’s something I can’t figure out going on with sound() in the newest 3.x release.

I have a simple project that plays a WAV (mono) sound from the project assets when a touch ends. If I load and run the project, it works. If I then edit the code at all, even the simplest change, there’s no sound when I try to run it again.

If I close the project and open it again, still no sound. If I go to a different project using sound() that was working, there’s no sound.

I have to close Codea and restart it to get any sounds playing again. But once I edit any code in a project containing sound(), the issue occurs again and I have to restart Codea.

My code is as simple as adding the touched(touch) function and playing a sound at the end of a touch. It doesn’t seem to matter if the sound is an asset or generated. Music() doesn’t seem to have this issue.

Thanks for any help :pray:

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Wow, great find! That’s a bug. Will look into a hotfix for this

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We’ve identified the bug and I have a fix for the next version. Thanks again for the report

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Great, thanks. It’s good to know I wasn’t just going crazy :grin:

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This is fixed in the latest App Store release (3.9.7)


I just updated and sound seems to be working well :tada: Thanks again!

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