sound data buffer

i would like to see the data generated by sound(…). Any way to do this?

Tap on the neon red marker, click on Advanced then set your music, do you mean something like this? Or do this:

-- setup
snd = sound( the data )

[EDIT: I know what you mean, but why do you need the id?]

what i would also like to see is the specification of the input string to soundbuffer. I managed to get things by trial and error, but i am really not sure of what i am doing. i looked on the forum and in the wiki, but i didnt find it.

@Tokout have you tried your suggestion before posing it? Returns nil for me.

According to the reference, sound doesn’t return a value, so snd will not receive any value and remain nil.

No I mean something like:

-- setup
SoundData = "guugbGuGJ,KoAkkvf.."
sound(SoundData, volume or seed, ...)

@Jmv38, but it’s logic, sound() is a great Id. First specifiy a string for it. Use SoundData for the id of the sound data. We know that SoundData is an sound id, and also an string use print(SoundData). What don’t you understand in here?

@TokOut - it’s you that is not getting it, actually. He wants the string created by the sound command, he doesn’t want to write it himself. And being rude to him won’t help you make friends here, especially as he knows Codea very well.

May I’m an idiot? What is “rude”?

Rude is saying “what don’t you understand” to someone who knows 100 times more than you do