Someone managed to create an App for Mac using Codea?

Is there anyone?

I have seen my father developing on MacOS, try to use iPhone simulator and… Codea’s lua was edited. Example t.state == BEGAN will be anerror or print instead io.print, yes the same with Codea → IPhone Simulator

@TokOut , you didn’t understand! I mean, export a Codea file and this one be a Mac OS app

I know how to use the iPhone simulator. I have 5 apps (made in Codea) on App Store!

What I need is: convert my iOS app into a Mac OS app.

Have you had a look at the LoveCodea wrapper?
Failing that you’d need to find a way to port your code across to a system that does provide native desktop support - but the two major ones use a retained display hierarchy (like flash) as opposed to the direct mode Codea uses, but if you plan for this from the beginning you can create wrapper functions to ease the pain.

Damm @TechDojo! I forgot this one!

I’ll try!

Thank you!

It was mentioned on the forum a few weeks back that a Mac version of Codea might be in the works, which would be completely awesome I think. It sounded like it was still in the early stages.