Some way to edit a template

Am I missing something? It seems that once I make a file a Template, I can’t edit it. I guess I can duplicate it to a new name, edit the new file, delete the old template, rename the edited one to the original name and make it a template.

Seems a bit roundabout. An “Edit” choice on the template menu, perhaps?

@RonJeffries Not sure if I’m following you correctly or not. I used the Files app to create a folder named Templates in the Codea app. In Codea I created a new project and then drug it down to the Templates folder. Once there, it can be duplicated and changed to whatever you want that project to look like. Then when you tap “Create New”, you can select Templates to use whatever project template for the new projects. You can create as many different template projects as you want to select from.

@RonJeffries - I did the same as @dave1707. Doing it that way you can build several templates to meet different needs. Placing the basic one in there, maybe one for Craft, maybe one for music, one for landscape or portrait - you name it. You can then load it from the drop down list when you tap to make a new project.

I’m sorry, have my head up. Ignore original question. Thanks for interesting Files stuff. Now I wonder why you do it with Files, not Codea Make Template?

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@RonJeffries What is “Codea Make Template”. Is there a way to make a Templates folder in Codea.

PS. Never mind, I found what you were talking about. Long press on a project and there’s a Make Template in the popup. Never saw that before, but then I never really looked at it. Always just selected Duplicate or Rename. I’ll give it a try and see what gives.

PSS. That works neat. I got rid of my original Templates folder for starters. I created a new project and edited it how I wanted, then closed it. I long pressed on it and selected Make Template from the popup. I said OK or whatever and it created a Templates folder all the way at the end of all the projects with the project I created in the folder. I was able to do whatever I wanted with it, rename, duplicate, etc. That was easier than using the Files app.


It’s amazing what you stumble across just by scrolling through the various topics.

I always thought it would be nice to create a template as a way to speed things up. My wish has been granted.

Thanks to @RonJeffries for this thread.