Some nonsense: Nested Cellular Automata (208.0 KB)

A bit of tomfoolery: an implementation of Conway’s Game of Life in which every living cell is also an instance of Conway’s Game of Life.

Update: automata now wrap around, that is, cells at an edge take into account cells on the opposite side of the board.

Update: color improvements and code modularization.


@UberGoober - thanks for the demo, very impressive.


If you do this enough times you’ll get the actual universe :laughing:


Well… that’s the plan :wink:


Nice, are you using shaders to do the computations?

@LoopSpace you mean like you did? :wink:

…but no, I’m not—for one thing I barely understand shaders, for another I’ve got plans to do much more complex things with this, to the point where even if I did understand shaders I’d still want to do it in lua.

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Got to love a good twist on GoL, however it’s done.

Have you seen this: ?

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@LoopSpace - OMG that is tremendous, really well done. I wonder what kind of kit that was run on. My first thoughts as it progresses was that the surface would pan out to show that the face you were seeing was part of a rotating cube but it just kept on pulling away.

Kinda like looking down an electron microscope, pulling away to view the planet then pulling away to view the solar system, then the galaxy then the universe then ???

Very H G Wells ish.

Thanks for that.


I heard a lot of stuff in Dwarf Fortress was made using cellular automata, and it made me want to play with them, so I’m setting up a structure for playing with.

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I tried making GoL a few years ago, I failed at making the classic GoL but made something that uses a grayscale spectrum with various customizable settings, each combination creates different patterns, I played with it quite a lot xD

Looks interesting. Share code?

the code is kinda ugly, I may share it after a refactor …:grimacing:

Awww, all friends here :slight_smile:
Plus seeing someone else’s code mess helps me feel less bad about my own :slight_smile: