SOLVED Dark Theme Background color

I use the dark color scheme, and the background was black before I updated to the new ios. now its a sort of gray

Edit: Ok, so it was because Codea got updated. When I updated to ios 11, iupdated all apps. Actually the black background was a bug. But, I think i preferring that darker bg. well i’ll give it a few days

@xThomas Are you sure it was black. I compared the dark color scheme background on my iPad Air, iOS 11, latest Codea with the dark color scheme background on my iPad 1, iOS 5.?, Codea version ? and both backgrounds looked the same. Sort of dark gray but not totally black.

@xThomas Now that you included pictures, I guess you’re right, it does look black in the top image and sort of gray in the bottom. On my iPad 1, the background looks like the second image. I never used the dark color screen, so I can’t give any suggestions.

Ahh, cheers. I forget somet8mes that not everybody uses dark color schemes.

Since you compared on Ios 5 i guess its not an ios thing. maybe the most recent codea update changed it, i don’t actually remember if i have auto updates on…

Edit: Yep. Just checked the App Store. Version 2-5-1. “The dark editor theme background color got messed up. You sent many complaints. We fixed it so your eyes can rest easy”

Updated ios, updated all apps too. Well, thats the cause solved.