Sniper game

Game with game Video Game Controllers (first finger - steer, second finger - fire).


Looks very good! Just embedding your pic here for people who are too lazy to click:

How did you do the reticle?


lol - I haven’t tried this yet, but I love the look. (and I’ve always loved the death bunny skulls)

I think the reticule effect is achieved by drawing a circle with a HUGE stroke width. Very clever!

Just played it, this is great, @Alex812a

A couple of bugs:

  • You set the tint() colour for the dead bunnies but don’t set it back before rendering the sniper “shot” explosion, which causes the explosion to be muted.

  • I can’t kill the last three bunnies for some reason, did I run out of ammo?

I tried it on my iPad 1 but i noticed the performance was pretty bad (due to the way the circle mask is drawn). So i had a go at optimising it by using an image to draw the circle mask edges and the clip() function to mask a square around it.

Thank you Simeon, really it’s easy to win the game as the bunnies appear in the same places.
Firstly I tried not to use rects in cursor, but cursor ellipse with huge diameter and huge stroke disappeared after some time.
John, now the game finished too fast:)
Sorry for my English.

Oh man…you beat me to it. I was making a game like this.

The way I (not the creator) made my effect was

Function draw()

Neat concept

Where is the code for the the sniper game

@Iruislopez137 - Sadly, Posterous shut down, so we can’t access anything on their website. I never did get to try this out. :frowning: