Sneak peek of new universal UI

While the next version of Codea is still in review I thought I’d share what’s coming later. I’ve been adapting and rewriting most of the UI to support split screen mode on iPad, as well as iPhone. There’s still some work to go but it’s looking great so far.

@Simeon that looks really cool, are you saying that Codea will be available on iPhone as well?

@Simeon looks awesome

@CamelCoder that’s the plan. There’s a lot more to do before that can happen, though.

@warox thanks!

@Simeon that’s awesome, I always have my phone with me but I don’t always have my iPad with me. I understand that this will probably take a long time before it comes out, do you think it will be live before summer?

Can you re upload the video please? It won’t work for me

@EvanDavis Just search up this link:

Got it! Thanks Camel Coder!