Slippy Map Implementation: Zoomable map of the world with OpenStreetMap

Hello everyone!
Here is a little implementation of a slippy map (aka. a map where you zoom and pan around) that made using my touch library and data from I’ve used OpenStreetMap because I found that it was the easiest tile provider out there (it’s free, easy to use and setup and doesn’t require an API key). However, feel free to customize it with other maps if you want!
By the way, I might improve my code (by adding helper functions to convert from lat/long to map coordinates or geolocation,…) or make it an easy to use library (like Leaflet), especially if I see that there is interest.
Have fun!

@dadaroulin Nice program. Add an option that zooms in a little each time you touch a map location.

@dadaroulin - yeah it is neat. Expanding on @dave1707 's suggestion, make the location selected with the touch the centre of the screen. Long touch for zoom. So short touch centre long touch zoom