Simulating smoke

I’ve been playing with this, below is where I’ve got to, using the noise function and a shader. (As always, the original looks sharper than the video).

Screencap here:

Very reallistic! Any plan to share the code?

For you, @Jmv38, anything :x

let me just clean it up first…

@Ignatz a bird like you, and a cat like @Jmv38, it would just never work out!

But very nice shader, how slow does it make the program?

@Prynok - FPS=30, that’s what I’m working on. The shader mainly blurs the edges, but most of the smarts are in Codea. It uses “particles” cut from a noise image, and there can be nearly 100 at any time, which is what hurts FPS…

(PS ignatz is a cartoon mouse who is always throwing bricks at Krazy Kat, and the Kat doesn’t mind at all :wink: )

Well, I guess you learn something new everyday! I always that your avatar was a bird, I guess now that I look at it more closely, it does have a mouse tail.

@Jmv38 - here is the code, I get about 35 FPS on an iPad3, I don’t know howfast it will go on an iPad1

@Prynok - this is a more typical view of ignatz the mouse, but I figured that an avatar that was throwing a brick might seem unfriendly :wink:

@ignatz thanks. Quite a big program, compared to your other shaders. 15Hz on ipad1 with 30 particles.

Wow that looks really good, does it look alright on a lower quality with more FPS?

@Luatee - I’m not sure I can find a way to do lower quality. That either means fewer particles which is likely to leave gaps, or smaller particles, which just makes everything smaller.