Simple journal?

I wonder if its possible to create a very simple journal using codea?

By journal I mean, an app that

  • loads a text file from my domain
  • displays the content inside the app
  • a small ‘+’ sign opens a popup
  • add a new to entry via the popup
  • the entry consists of a short text and a date
  • adds the entry to the text file on the server

I just want to ask if you think it’s possible, before I even look into it. If it’s possible, does it then require somekind of developer account?

Thanks a lot. And thanks for making Codea!


Hey @Jorgensen,

That definitely sounds doable to me, and honestly I’ve been thinking of making something like this for a while now.

The main decision you’d need to make would be where you want to host your file. Depending on your programming experience this could be a simple task or a pretty complicated one. If someone knows of a simple HTTP file hosting provider with authentication it could potentially be pretty painless.

WebRepo is heavily server dependent so the networking side wouldn’t be a problem.


Hi steppers

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Right now I have it running on my domain, using xml and some a simple login via apache.


@Jorgensen If you want something really simple, you could just use the Codea editor. Use a project as your file and read / save your text. You can read/save the project (file) to the Files app with a few more steps.

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Could be a solution, but then I will be tied to that single device, unless the text file could be saved in Dropbox or iCloud?

You can use the program below to save your file to the Codea Dropbox folder. If your Dropbox sync still works (mine doesn’t), you can sync the file to the Dropbox app.

To use the code below, create a project with this code and create a new tab called myText or whatever name you want. In that tab put —[[ and —]] (comments) in there and then type all of your text between them. When you’re done typing whatever you want, then just run the code. readProjectTab will read that tab and save it to the Codea Dropbox folder as myText. Then do a sync from the Codea Dropbox folder to copy it to the Dropbox app.

function setup()
    saveText(asset.documents.Dropbox.."myText", str)
    print("file myText saved")

If you don’t want to mess around with the Dropbox app, you can go into the Files app. From there you can look in “On My IPad” for the Codea folder. In that folder you’ll find the Codea Dropbox folder where to can access the file you created.

Actually, once you get the file in the Dropbox app, you can do your editing there and not use the Codea program. Just delete the Codea project so you don’t overwrite the file by mistake.

Thanks for kind inputs Dave. Ill have a go at it when I find the time.

Thanks once again.


@dave1707 - been following this thread as occasionally need to read a text file with Codea.

But what stood out for me was your comment that your Dropbox doesn’t sync. I rarely use Dropbox for Codea now as I haven’t been able to sync it for some time. Instead - I shuffle folders around manually and address assets via
.documents… . Have you any idea what is causing your issue ? Could it be related to Codea storage limitations (size) ?

@Bri_G @sim Heres a link to the original post where reported that I was having trouble with Dropbox syncing.

I think the problem is with Codea because it looks like it’s not updating the “DropboxLastSyncEntries” area in the local Codea file.

If I unlink the Dropbox app, my Codea Dropbox folder is empty and the DropboxLastSyncEntries doesn’t exist in the local Codea file. When I relink to Dropbox and do a sync, all of my Dropbox files are synced. The files are in the Codea Dropbox folder and their names are listed under DropboxLastSyncEntries in the local file.

PS. I unlinked and relinked Dropbox and the syncing was working fine. If like any other time, syncing will stop working. I was also looking at the “DropboxLastSyncEntries” area and it was only getting updated after the sync happened. Do that list doesn’t look like it’s the problem. So at this point, I’m not sure where Codea keeps a list of files that need to be synced.

Thanks for looking into this dave. I think our best option going forward will be to remove Dropbox sync and allow users to just add folder references from the Files app. That way the OS can manage the syncing and we can remove that complexity from Codea, you should still be able to add Dropbox folders

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@sim That sounds like a great idea. Can’t wait.

@dave1707 - thanks for the link, had forgotten the previous thread (even though it’'s only a year old!!).

@sim hope that works as it would change the way I work, makes it more straight forward.