Should I learn Lua/codea?

Hi it’s me again, and now I’m worried about which language I should invest my time in. First of all I have already learned a lot about Lua but I don’t want to keep going without knowing if this is a good starter language. I have learned a wee bit of Python but that’s about it. Is what I want in a code language is to make simple games and maybe one day put it on the App Store. What do you guys think?

@EvanDavis Lua seems to be a fairly easy to use language and Codea is good with simple games. In addition, you can publish games to the App Store with Codea, though you need a mac and an Apple dev’s license. I probably won’t ever buy one, and I use Codea just for fun, but many Codea users have and there’s a whole post on Codea-made games. It seems to fit your criteria.
Btw this is coming from a very inexperienced programmer.

If you’re new to programming lua is just about the friendliest way to start. All of its concepts are straightforward and the syntax is quite undemanding.

Absolutely YES!

To be honest programming is not about the language used, it’s much deeper than that - if a language provides you with the basic concepts of sequence, selection and iteration then you’ll be able to create pretty much anything you want.

Codea is an awesome, portable, easy way to get into making games and learning computer programming.

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