Should I Continue This Project??

I’ve been working on a 3D shooter game with working guns and enemies that follow you. Just wanted to know what you guys think of it so far, and if I should continue working on it. Not demotivated or anything, just curious to hear your opinion and get some feedback, that’s all, especially since I really want to publish this once it’s done. Without further ado, enjoy looking at the files attached!

@Creator27 - don’t wait for feedback from the forum. Your project is your own concept and we are all quite interested in watching it develop.

The technical questions you raise in the process make me think about how little I know and concepts I may, hopefully, employ in my own creations.

If you’re not happy with it either shelve it or add more bells and whistles

Thanks for showing us your progress to date.

@Bri_G, you’re welcome. Just curious about what people though of my progress, that’s all :slight_smile:

Can I play it? My first question would be: is it or can it be fun?

@UberGoober, unfortunately not at the moment, as I’m still working on game mechanics and adding new twists and turns to the game and adding other cool things, but at the moment, I reckon you would enjoy it for a bit, even though you can only shoot in the game so far. And yes, the game can become very fun to play once I add some more cool mechanics to the game and new enemies.

@Creator27 I think you just answered your own question, you’ve obviously got a vision/plan and can see the final product. Go for it.

@Bri_G, thank you for that. :slight_smile:

@Creator27 I might also suggest that if you decide to abandon it you might consider chopping it up for parts.

I recently decided to call it quits on a project I’d been working on for around a year or more, and since then I’ve been trying to separate out all the code that might be useful to someone else, and make tools out of it, in case anyone wants them.

I’ve got to say, even just as an exercise, it sure has helped me understand how to write more modular code.