Should I buy Codea?

Right so I feel like for most people in this forum the answer is an obvious one but bare with me here!

I am a programmer by trade. At work I’m spending most of my time in php or js land which is fine and I enjoy it.

I used to make a lot of prototype games and things in various languages but since getting full time work and a family I found I have a lot less time to do it. I still spend a few minutes every evening poking around in Unity or pico-8 though thankfully!

(My current prototype is a lot like the just released apple arcade game Mini Motorways which was a bit of a morale hit but I like my game a lot still so I’ll keep cracking on)

Basically it comes down to this, I want to be able to dev on my phone. The absolute dream is obviously Pico-8 on ios but that’s still a long way out so I was wondering if you guys think that Codea will scratch that itch. The downsides are learning a new engine takes time and I’ve already got my fingers in so many different dev pies.

I’m on the fence but I really like the idea of Codea, one thing that would definitely tip me over the edge would be more news on the new multiplatform runtime because I’m not really in it for the money so getting my stuff out to as big an audience as possible is my main motivation I guess?

I nearly signed this off like an email!

I’ve waited to ask this question until now because while I do own an ipad I have very little interest in using any productivity app that I cannot also use on my phone when I wake up with a bright idea at 4am…

@Candyleader You have an iPad, what are you waiting for. I was a professional programmer for probably 40+ years, retired now for 9 years. I’ve had Codea for 7 years and I don’t regret one second. Working with Lua is a snap and playing with Codea is total enjoyment. I have no plans to write anything big or to share programs beyond this forum. Codea doesn’t cost that much and even if it turns out you don’t like it, you’ve probably wasted more money on other things. If you enjoy programming, I think you’ll enjoy Codea. I sit on the couch and use Codea while I’m watching TV.

PS. What version of iPad do you have. If it’s too old, things could be a little slow. I started with Codea on an iPad 1 and that version still works OK, but it’s slow compared to what I have now. I still get on it every now and then just to compare things.

The only limitation that Codea has is your imagination. If you can code, know what you want, then Codea is basically the right thing for you!

I learned programming for the first time with Codea back when I was 10 (? I don’t remember exactly, but anyway). What I personally like in Codea is its’ universal being: No matter if you’re new to coding or a professional developer, Codea offers the right tools for both: Examples, Reference, Codea Talk one button away.

And there’s more! Now, including 3D structures, and much more other stuff (that can’t be listed in one place anymore) Codea became rich of technologies and… I think… that’s what a developer would need :slight_smile: