Sharing Assets

I am currently working on a project with a group of people and am running into an issue. Sharing code is easy enough but I am at a loss when it comes to sharing assets. Is there an easy way to share sprites and sound effects between iPads?

Sprites, you just have to use an http.request and download them, sound effects ai think can work the same way, but idk for sure

Awesome, this should work for my project. I should have thought of that, thanks a lot.

@dkharley - see

@Ignatz, could that also download sound efftects?

I imagine so, but i haven’t tried it, you would probably have to include the file extension

I’ve been able to download and save .wav and .mp3 files to my documents that can be played in Codea. You just http.request the file’s URL, the then write the returned data into a file using Lua’s built-in File IO.