Share Codea - v2

The new update is coming soon. So until that time, we have a whole lot of free codes to share. Know someone who wants Codea? Give them a code.

Same rules as last time: If you take one, post the number so I can cross it off. You can take more than one if you know more people who would like them. Please don’t just give them out to random strangers.

Update: Codea 1.3 has been approved

1 taken for my younger brother who was very impressed when I showed him Codea during the Christmas break. Thanks Simeon

Took 2 and 3.

Thanks a lot!

No problem guys.

Number 4 taken for my boss. Thanks again.

I’m gonna get my friend programing on it.

I’ll take #5 for a friend, please. Thanks very much.

Number 6 taken for a friend - thanks

Got 7th for a friend who wants to learn about lua, thanks.

Took the 8th for a friend who is teaching programming to artists. Thank you!

Took the 9th for my nephew -a high school student- who just got his brand new iPad 2. I envy him. :smiley:

My friends lovin it at first sight. :smiley:

10 for a co-worker.

Grabbing 11 for a buddy of mine who just got his ipad.

Got 12. Thank you!

I’ll take 13, please.

Taking 14, with thanks!

I’ll take 15 as well

I’ll take 16 and 17 thank you!