Shader from Shade to Codea

I made the Shader of the ocean and imported to Codea using the Files application. In the game itself, the colors are displayed correctly, but the shape changes only in 4 corners

link to the shader:

How can i fix it?

@Picalines this is because in Shade the default plane is subdivided (has more polygons and vertices to distort). The Codea quad you are using has only four vertices in the corners and so can’t deform the same way. If you add more geometry to it, it should look better

@simeon, @John, i tried to incorporate the shade dissolve shader example in my code. It displays but does not change with time? Do i have to explicitly feed it the elapsed time in someway?

material.time =ElapsedTime in update() works nicely.

@piinthesky Yes that’s how you do it. I’ll make time update automatically in a future update.