Shade Standard Free or $19.99?

Shade shows up as $19.99 in the U.S. App Store, which I’ve paid. But then in the provided README it says that Shade Standard had been made free? And I’m still prompted to upgrade to Pro in the app for $9.99? Just trying to get some clarification… is Shade Standard free? If so, how? And what did I just get for $19.99?

# Shade 1.3

**TL;DR: If you have Shade Standard, you've been upgraded to Shade Pro. Shade Standard is now free**

Since releasing Shade we've had a ton of feedback. A lot of wonderful, supportive feedback

We have also had a lot of people come to us confused:

Is Shade a subscription? (Answer: No)

How do you cancel the free trial? (Answer: You don't need to)

With this release we are making the standard version of Shade free. That means no more need for a free trial to use the basic Shade functionality, create shaders, and use them with Codea

You can still use the free trial to test the Pro functionality (Unity export, custom plugins, etc)

If you have already paid for the standard version, you've been upgraded to Shade Pro

The README is out of date, sorry about that. If you owned Shade before it was made paid up-front, then you own it, you don’t need to pay again even if you redownload it

In the past we offered Shade Standard for free, but it was not sustainable. Hence the price increase

Got it. Thanks for the clarification.