Shade Loop Node

Hi @John and @Simeon,

Is there any way to easily handle loop iterations in Shade? As you both know, I’ve been going through the online Book of Shaders, and came to this today:

There you can see a typical loop, but I don’t think there’s a way to handle that (yet?) in Shade. Is that right?


@brianolive A loop node (or something equivalent to it) is definitely something I want to add to Shade. Other shader editors typically just have a special code snippet node that lets you write a custom function that you can then put loops inside of. I want a node-based solution but so far I haven’t been able to think of a nice user friendly way of representing it visually.

@John - I used to use LabView to create virtual instrumentation. Components used loops and involved a container with handles on the outside for inputs and ouputs much like nodes within Shade. You could open and close them like a folder - looking a little like your groups within Shade. Could that be a way forward here, like groups with handles for input/output?