Shade: Files with the same name in different folders are leaking properties

Shade Version:

App Store release and Current Beta


I work on a main copy of a file in Shade’s own directory. Then when I feel like it is ready, I copy it to Codea’s Dropbox.assets folder. So the 2 copies of the file have the same name.

After freshly opening Shade, I will go into Shade’s directory to edit the file. Which seems to load it into global memory. If the edit is small, instead of copying the file, I will quickly edit the file in Dropbox.assets folder. However, any edits made there do not save (including adding new nodes) if I have opened a file with the same name before it.

On top of that, if I go back to the file in Shade’s directory after opening the Codea one, any property edits made in the Shade’s version are being changed in the Codea’s one as well.

If I change the name of one of the files, the problem goes away. So I feel like it is caused by file name.

This is extremely confusing to explain, so I have attached a screen capture in Dropbox.

Attachment Information:

Screen Capture Link
Screen Capture Summary:

  • Freshly open Shade
  • Open the file “Ghost Waves”
  • Edit the property “Wave Size”
  • Close the file
  • Move to Codea’s Dropbox.asset folder
  • Open the file “Ghost Waves”
  • Edit the property “Wave Size”
  • Close and re-open the same file showing the property value didn’t save.
  • Move to Shade directory version and edit the property
  • Move back to Codea Dropbox.asset version to show that the property changed after changing the Shade directory version.

@exomut thank you for the screen recording, that makes it extra clear. That is so strange!

I don’t think we even do anything relating to file names except to request that iOS load the document and provide the data. I’ve added this to the Shade trello to keep track of

@Simeon I hope it isn’t an iOS bug. I tried to add this bug report to Trello earlier today, but I couldn’t compress the screen capture to less than 10MB and still be visible.

Not only are properties affected, but after the 1st file is opened once, anything changed in the 2nd file is not saved. Including adding/removing nodes.

Thanks for looking into it!