Set Icon?

Took screen shot. Chose Set Icon. Expected project icon to change. Didn’t. What am I missing?

Restarted Codea, Icon now set. Was that trip necessary?

@RonJeffries Mine worked right away.
1: Run the project
2: When the screen showed what I wanted, press camera
3: Press Set Icon
4: Exit project
5: Picture shows as project icon.

@RonJeffries - it depends on which version of Codea you are running. The icon updates immediately on closing the editor with version 2.6.2 (130). Previous versions needed Codea shutting down and restarting to show the icon in project view.

Yes that’s consistent with what I’m seeing. Let’s hope Apple gets done fussing soon. (I believe dave is 2.6.2?)

@RonJeffries That’s correct, 2.6.2 ver 130.

Apple is reviewing 2.6.2 (127) which fixes the Set Icon bug

The 130 build was an extra build I did with iPhone support enabled for those people on the beta who are using it. As well as a fix for the crash when combining noSmooth() with line()

I would have put that one into review instead but it’s taking forever to get anything through so I have to delay bug fixes while waiting on Apple.

set icon still weird.

set new icon on one ipad, export zip.
delete old copy on 2nd ipad.
DL new zip, install.
icon on second ipad not changed.
exit codea, restart.
icon updated.