Screen moving

So I’ve made helicopter and now I’m working on something like Mario, and in helicopter, the objects are moving toward you, and it is automatic, in Mario, it’s not automatic, so I’m just wondering what I just do? Is the ground still moving at me? Or am I the one moving? Is it possible to make me go backwards? I’ll either use tilt or a button for moving, but I’m just not sure how to code this

No idea what half of that was, but I think you mean a side-scroller. Maybe this would be good to start off:

With the movement stuff, that’s all for your code to do. Just add to the X value of the helicopter or something. Then use translate() to move the terrain, or camera().

The Lua jump demo project uses the translate function to move the screen up and down to follow the jumping girl

@Ignatz so should I just look at the code and translate it to the other way (sideways)?

Yes, you can just change x instead of y, play around and see what works