I’m in the Learn Craft example, Cameras tab. It positions the camera by setting its eulerAngles, and then multiplying by 5 (negated actually), which I gather moves the camera outward along the vector of those angles. looks to me to be the eulerAngles converted to radians, normalized.

It’s not documented. Anyone have a few wise words to say about what this value actually represents, or wise words about good ways to position the camera? I expect to learn more as I go through other examples.


Yes, the eulerAngles function takes in 3 angle values (in degrees) and composes a quaternion using those. All entities have a transform and the properties forward, right and up return the principle axes in those directions (right being +x, up being +y and forward being +z). So when you rotate an entity you can move it in these directions relative to it’s global transform.

It’s an easy way to move the camera around if you are also adjusting the angle (thing dolly movement in real-life cinematic cameras). This technique is used by OrbitViewer where the angle of the camera is set and then it is dollied backwards the same way you describe.

thanks, sounds like i’m not too far off base.