Saving codea projects only with iTunes?

Hey all, I want to make ocassional backups (on pc) of my codea projects only, but I fail to understand itunes and its help.
Could somebody help me to configure itunes so that only codea stuff is uploaded to pc, and not the entire library of collected crapp on the device?


I don’t use iTunes that often, but as far as I know you can’t selectively backup data. It’s all or nothing. If your PC and iPad are linked to Dropbox, you can save the code to your PC thru Dropbox.

Thanks dave, thats 2 bad. Ipad file management is a royal pita imo! =(

Is there any other way around itunes/dropbox?

I backup my Codea projects (500+) to my Codea Dropbox folder and then sync them with the Dropbox app. The 500+ projects get saved in one file, but it wouldn’t be a problem to write something to save projects individually. The whole process takes about 30 seconds to go to the Codea folder and then to the Dropbox app folder

I’ll give it a go, thanks dave!