Saveimage to photo library or clipboard?

For Battle Chips, I’d like to exchange robots as images. Ideally, the user would be presented with an image and be able to save it straight to the photo library. When it comes time to import a robot, they could browse the photo library for other “trading cards” to bring in.

Is this possible? I can save an image to Documents, and I can import from photo library to documents, but I can’t see how bot export to the photo library, or how I can allow users to import.

The clipboard would be a (much Miles’s nice) alternative.

Hmm, we don’t have support for saving to the photo library. I’m wondering how to do it. Whether it should be a user-initiated action, or allowed from code.

If user-initiated we would probably add an option to the sprite picker to “export to photos.” Though if this feature comes it will have to be in a point release after 1.4.

I’d like there to be a way to have this user initiated, but man, being able to read/write the photo gallery from code would also be darn cool.

Reading, from code, would be forced to display a modal image picker (Apple’s control) for the user to choose the image, which would then return to code. This is enforced in iOS.

Saving is possible though, and easier. So that will probably come first.

Apple’s control would be fine. I’d like to use something more custom, but hey, I’ll take it.

My selfish idea for the current project is that people would be able to trade these small images – on web sites, email attachments, Facebook, etc – and pull then into their photo library. Then, by just picking the image, they’d get a working not in battle chips. Images are just about the only thing that iPad can download without needing specific app support.

But on a more general front, this would seem to open everything from paint programs to camera filters.