save image to camera roll options

Hey… I found info on how to save images back into spritepack folders which is super useful but I have created an app where I would like to be able to offer the option of making an on screen gesture save a screen shot and open a dialogue to email or post an image to a specific location.
I have found out how to do this in Xcode but now my question is how to implement that code with my Codea app? I am not a proficient coder and haven’t tried hacking it as I don’t fully understand how or if it is possible to segue together Codea (Lua) and Xcode in a relatively simple way?
Any suggestions on what to research and where to start with this would be very welcome.
Thanks - J

Maybe if you ccan do it in XCode, make a Coda Add-on? Check out @Reefwing’s tutorials on add-ons.

Hi @jasl - @tnlogy has done an example of a face detection add on (and save to photo album and facebook share) -

Thanks for the comments - I will check out the @tnlogy example and try to find a way to implement what I need… If I get it working I will post it back here! This forum is invaluable!
Also @Reefwing, I just wanted to thank you personally for publishing your tutorials - they are all really helpful - I was especially pleased to follow the guides for exporting Codea to Xcode (runtime pre update!) and publishing an app to the appstore. I would have been lost without that :wink:

@jasl - you are welcome, glad the tute was useful.