Save Data With Tables

If I am not mistaken, it is currently only possible to save data to saveGlobalData, SaveLocalData, etc. if the data is a number or string. This may be hard to implement, but I suggest that you add the ability to save tables, as it would make a lot of things much easier. Otherwise there would be a lot of confusion trying to save each individual entry in a table, especially if the table is greater than one dimension. Thank you! I hope to see this in a future update!

@Briarfox created a persistent table class which has worked well for me. Code can be found on Codea Community and a link from the original forum discussion at

@TheSolderKing - the problem with trying to write a generic “Save table” function is that tables can hold anything, including physics objects, images, etc.

People have written tools to store and retrieve number and text-based tables, as metioned above.

You’d have to make or use a table conpression function to make the table into a string and readdable back into a table.

There is also file IO, saveGlobalData and all those functions are just easier. File IO can do more, though.