Run! Or DIE! V2.0

Hi ,
In this simple game a monster follow you and put eggs on grand , if it put egg on you you will lose the game and if you survive 20 eggs you win the game

Tell me what u think about it

Now eggs follow you!-more info at bottom of page

Here is v.1.2.
Added highscore , removed winning position.

V2.0 Released!!!
Pause , exit , main menu , better controll

Any one have any idea about it???


Nice first effort! I think you could develop the game a bit further. For instance you could change the way the monster moves, add more monsters, make eggs that follow the player and add new abilities for the player.

I Was thinking of turning eggs to new monster but cant manage how to add another parameter for time of each egg.

Any idea?

You could have a value for each egg that represents the time when it was “laid” and set that to ElapsedTime when the egg is created. Then in the draw() function you could check each time to see if the egg should hatch.

The best way to handle it would probably be to have an Egg class to hold the info, but you could just make an egg timer = {} array and then loop it in draw. For example if when egg 1 was created you set eggtimer[1] = ElapsedTime, then in draw() if eggtimer[1] > ElapsedTime + 5 would let you know that 5 seconds had passed since the egg was created.

A way to “eat” or remove the eggs before they grow may be interesting.

I do like the basic control of it.

@mark thanks will try that
Now eggs follow you and if they reach center of your spaceship , you can not move in that direction(the spaceship center will not be able to move from eggs) .
Eggs move with speed 1/2*their motherspeed(value : mivfact) at first , and they speed wont change.
Mother speed will change each 500 time draw is called(there is a for in which in each frame it will call monster mov function(monmov) from 1 to i/500 and the first value of i is 500 , it will be updated each time draw is called to i=i+1)

Well any idea for adding highscore with new features?
Updated , now use highscore(ten) .
Also now the game will not finish with 20 eggs , it will go.

Here is v2.0! Better controll , also added pause and exit button (pause upper roght , exit upper left side of screen)
Game start in main menu , just touch screen and it begin.