Rotation Demo problem

@sim @john @jfperusse - I’ve had a problem upgrading a project of mine from 3 to 4. It involves rotation. So I pulled out the rotation demo and tried to update (and add to) it to see if I could resolve the issue, but the demo worked in both versions - but I had an issue with V4 version of my demo with the font location and size - can you see where I have gone wrong ?

Both demos attached. (29.7 KB) (29.7 KB)

Edit: don’t bother I’ve found the problem and resolved by adding style.textAlign(CENTER), although the font does appear significantly different,

Hi @Bri_G! Glad you found the issue. I think it is normal for the fonts to look different between V3 and V4 as they are not rendered in the same way.

@jfperusse - thanks for the reply, looks like I’ll have to play around with the fonts to get a handle on how they appear so that I Can program accordingly.