Request new features for Codea

I bought Codea for iPad yesterday. Cool, Fast and Better, but isn’t better than I expected. But, don’t worry, Codea is the best coding app for ipad, maybe :wink:
I want to suggest you few features that are necessary for me and maybe for all Codea users.
Look at the list below:

  1. Color theme for code editor: Day [current theme], Midday [Gray theme] and Night [Black theme].
  2. Adjust font family and font size for code editor.
  3. In a project, in code editor where is PLUS icon, where we can add new class or a bank file, here: add an icon for project settings: Project Icon and Password for source code. When a pass is added to any project, the source code is visible only with correct password. When I tap one time on icon project, project can run directly, but if I tap two times on icon project, I’ll see source code, but if the project is protected by password, I can’t view source code, but I can play / test the project. Huh! Why? For competition. Me and my brothers, we play, I make an amazing game. Then I say: Are you able to do the same project or better? Time for challenge, you may not copy from the source code, because it is protected by password.
  4. Folders for project.
  5. When a new edition of Codea is launched, please add a new section named ex: New API for Codea 1.3.
  6. Into Codea code editor, add a search text field for a quick search into API doc.
  7. Add capability to draw text.
  8. Add capability to draw an input zone from keyboard, for example: I’ll draw a thick line and over it I will add inputzone text.

Please look at Codea’s bug tracker (also accept feature requests) here. Some of your requests/suggestions have been reported by other users on the tracker. Notice that it also has an integrated wiki. :slight_smile:

Thanks bee! I posted on the tracker these requested features.

Hi Georgian

Thanks for posting your feature request. When you log issues in the tracker please log each issue individually, and not all together. Also, try to see if your issue exists before logging a duplicate issue. Some of these I can answer now though.

5. For now, please see the Codea Roadmap on these forums for basic changelogs
7. Is coming in one of the next updates (not sure exactly when, but it's high priority)
8. Various options for showing the keyboard are under consideration

I posted my requested features for Codea on bitbucket two days ago. but nothing happened yet.
When will be solved?

The release cycle for Codea is more on the order of weeks, or months, and is very much dependent on when apple approves them. There’s a sticky at the top of the forum with status on what features are in the next release with apple.

For 7, look thru the forums - even though text isn’t built in, there are 4 (I think? I’ve lost count) different implementations of text drawing for Codea already, all of them quite usable.

I thought it might be nice to have folders that were visible globally to any project. One version of a file would then support many projects.

That’s been suggested (In fact, I have suggested that or similar in the past) - I believe the counter-proposal is to have an easy way to import tabs from other projects. The idea is to keep each project self-contained, so you can publish it and you know it has all of the code it needs to work. That way we don’t run into library dependency hell.

I bought Codea about a week ago. That’s why I am a beginner.
First of all I want to say that Codea is a fantastic program.
In the App Store I’ve read that Codea can be used for game programming and simulation and others. I want to use Codea for calculations and simulations (simulations with PID controllers, integrators, etc.). Therefore it is essential that values of variables can be inputted via an Input instruction like Basic. These input values and calculated values must have the possibility to?? be printed in the graphical display. With a programmeble height and colour.

Input instruction → Input field → Keyboard → Inputting → Enter = value will be stored in the variable. Program may be stopped during this entry. So basically the old basic input instruction.
PrintTextAtLocation (for instance), the value of the variable must be printed on the specified location with a programmable font (colour depends on a certain value ??of a variable?)
The precision of the value of a variable, say, 2 decimal places behind the comma. (Actually preferably progammable in the program)
The Coders App (Lua), has this Input and PrintTextAtLocation possibility.
Several members of this forum asked these questions too.
Sorry for my english, I hope you can read it.


Thanks for using Codea, @hartland.

When we implement keyboard input, it will probably be through a global callback called:

function keyboard( key )

And include the functions showKeyboard() and hideKeyboard() for controlling the keyboard’s visibility. A synchronous or asynchronous input() function could easily be created with this API.

Okay Simeon,
Thanks for your quick answer!
I will waiting for your update, meanwhile I have the time to learn more about Codea (and LUA programming).