ReplayKit for Codea? That would be awesome!

@Simeon have you heared the ‘news’? or

PLEASE, PLEASE integrate the ReplayKit into Codea, so that we could make video tutorials by capturing the screen of everything (editor, gameplay, etc) - there could be a ton of use cases for this, but this is what I’m personally concerned about at the moment. Maybe someone else supports this idea too…

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@Ignatz I’ve been meaning to try Reflector for some time (for producing trailers), it would be a shame if, as you say, the performance has taken a hit recently.

The Mac/ lightning cable solution works fine for video, although the sound is just the Mac’s mic. Quite intensive 3D stuff seems to be recorded without slowdown. It’s downscaled to 1200 x 900, but the framerate is 60. The compression looks OK. Here are the specs for the video stream it produces:

H.264, 1200 × 900, ~60 fps, 20.27 Mbps

I have an iPad Air and a base-spec 2012 Macbook Air. It has USB 3, but I’m pretty sure that the lightning cable is just USB 2, so I don’t think that’s a bottleneck in my case. I guess the stream from the iPad Pro needs to be downscaled even more, so that could be the slowdown. @se24vad does iPad Pro have a USB3-lightning option?

If the sound you’re wanting to record is your voice, like a screen cast tutorial, you could also just record your voice separately and sync it up in post.

Generally, I would say that an external recording solution is going to be more likely to capture a better quality stream (in terms of frame-rate, resolution, compression).

Has anyone used replaykit with any of the games that have it?

I would, of course, remove the old Codea recorder! ReplayKit allows to record video AND audio, which I plan to use with a professional microphone plugged into the lightning port.

@se24vad I forgot about ReplayKit! It would be great to have recording throughout the app, including the editor.

I think so…

OBS uses auth_keys to broadcast videos to over http. So there must be some sort of api for it (similar to github), although I’m not familiar with the dev docs yet.

They have a repo with a wiki. I also found some discussions about people writing apps for twitch - it must be possible. I will read on this topic later and report back what I’ve found.

for the wireing of things: I used several setups.

  1. connect lightning cable from ipad to a macbook, to record with quicktime, reflector app, or screenflow app
    This way you can grab the video of the ipad screen, and record your speech - but no ipad sound. The only way to do this, is by having the ipad volume on max and let the mic (which you use for your speech) do the rest.

  2. recording video from codea recorder and then voice-over it. But that recorder is buggy too and, again, there is no ipad sound. You also have to import its video in iMovie and do the voice over there.

All solutions are pretty inconvinient …

Hi all,

Replay sounds like a useful addition to Codea, but I don’t think you can use it at the expense of recording for older iOS systems. Newer iOS systems tend to slow down apps on older iPads and users may not wish to upgrade. Would it be possible to detect which iOS is being used and then download Replay or recorder for Codea upgrades, accordingly?


@TokOut if we could keep posts in this thread related to discussion about ReplayKit / screen capture within Codea then that would be appreciated.

@Simeon (I assume you’ll look into this?) - this is great news! I’ll urgently wait for this feature and hope that you’ll implement it :slight_smile:

There are a lot of people searching for a tool to record their screens without the need of having QuickTime and a Mac. And so am I! My plan is to do tutorials on Lua, with Codea. The reason asking for ReplayKit is, me having an old MacBook Unibody White Late 2009, which was upgraded several times and still runs reasonably fast, but lacks of a newer USB3 port. Trying to record the screen of my iPad Pro through USB2 and QuickTime (on this grandpa) is so much of a struggle! Recordings break up, or lag terribly, or the (pc)fans are producing a deafening noise. - But I love this white-bearded dinosaur and really don’t like to buy any of those newer MacBook models.

I would love to see an in-app recording feature for Codea. We could do tutorials and app reviews. With some clever API we could even live-stream to services like (I suppose).

If I can help you somehow, please let me know \:\)

@se24vad I guess the main question is: does ReplayKit obsolete the need for standard Codea video recording? Do we just use ReplayKit instead on iOS 9 devices, and also allow use of it in the editor (on the project screen too?)

I have been using the paid Reflector app, which used to work well and included sound, but the latest version has gone all choppy and has other unwelcome changes.

If you add this, though, the recording needs to be more effective than it is now. On several of my apps, in app recording produces very strange results because Codea can’t handle the processing, and seems to abandon some of the screen drawing. (No cricitism intended). I’m wondering what % of the frame time is taken up by recording, in other words, how fast your app needs to be to record and still maintain an acceptable frame rate.

@Ignatz true, I expect that will vary greatly between devices. As newer iOS devices have hardware support for capturing the screen, and those ones should see improved performance with ReplayKit.

Speaking of twitch, is there an API for live uploading a live video stream to the service? All I can see is an API for building web services on top of the platform (e.g., viewing, subscribing)

Regarding sound and the Mac hook up, I’m wondering whether you could capture iPad sound with a separate audio jack connecting the iPad to the Mac along with the lightning cable…

@yojimbo2000 yes, the ipad pro has usb3 (lightning) port. the pro is the first series that has it. but thats not the point I think, because I had same issues with ipad air 2. Video was laggy and sometimes it wont even start recording through quicktime. maybe its my old macbook. But it has a Core Duo 2.26GHz, 8Gb ram and 512Gb ssd flash memory. I cant help myself… but replaykit will resolve this issue.

I could record video and audio separately and sync it up, but again, Quicktime is not an option for me, since it doesnt work. Codea’s default recorder isnt an option either, because you cant record the editor… sooo…

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Interesting / irritating fact for iPad Pro owners: according to Ars Technica, although the Lightning port on the Pro does apparently support USB 3 (and therefore 5 Gbps transfers) the current cable that ships with the pro is only a USB 2 one, and USB 3 - Lightning cables aren’t available yet.