There are some old posts about removing the old “Made with Codea” logo when recording, but:

Is there a way to remove the red “Recording” label with the time increment? I’d like to record the full screen without that label.


Weirdly I asked the same question, it went away from me when I did fuklscreen_no_buttons earlier (didn’t see this until now!)

(actually I think it’s a little buggy, cus I tried it again and got the red recording button, then saved that video, tried it again afterwards and DIDNT get the red recording button.)

@pjholden I noticed I got the recording word the first time, but not after that. I think you’ll get it the first time each time you start the program but not again until you completely exit Codea.

I think you’re right, dave - I think the recording comes up the first time you run when codea has to ask permission to allow screen recording. Once the permission is already given it goes away again on a second run.

That’s what I was seeing also. I tried running my program without the fullscreen no buttons, but I always got the recording message.

Thanks guys. So to avoid the recording label, I’ll have to start/stop programmatically. The FULLSCREEN record button will always trigger the red label.

You have to use fullscreen no buttons. You have to use code to start/stop the recording. You always get the recording message the first time the code is run after starting Codea. I think that’s everything that I’ve come up with.

Hey I have been trying to get this to work to but. My problem is that it never saves it to photos. How do I fix this.

thanks Pac

@pac That was happening to me also. I could start and stop the Codea recording, but I would never get the popup screen asking if I wanted to save the video. After I closed Codea and made a video using the iOS camera and saving a video there, when I went back into Codea I started getting the popup to save the video.

Yes all most the same with me but it was when I started the recording manually that I started to work. so all :smile: ‘s here.

Thanks for the help Pac