Has anyone developed either a facial recognition programme or a bar code scanner using Codea and the in built camera?

Thanks Dave, you post it I will work on it!

@Johnecp I’m working on it now. I originally wrote it for my iPad 1 which didn’t have a camera. I took a picture of a barcode with a camera and imported it to the iPad. Now I’m on an iPad Air with a camera, so things are different. Once I figure out what’s going on I’ll post it.

@Johnecp I just posted a discussion that has code to read a 12 digit UPC barcode. I put the code in its own discussion to make it easier to find if someone does a search for barcodes.

Thanks Dave, I’ll have look.

@Johnecp I have a program that will read a barcode. I thought I posted it, but I haven’t found it yet. It was written long ago, so it might need some work if I repost it.