Reaction Diffusion Demo - Compute Image Read/Write

Reaction Diffusion Demo

Reaction (2.8 KB)


An example showing how to do reaction diffusion in a compute shader. This also demonstrates how to use images in compute shaders for random access read/write, making these types of effects easier to achieve

  • This demo uses the base shader system rather than shader.builder
  • Drag on the screen to start more reactions

Good job! and good example! Codea now fully supports both buffers of Compute shader!

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I just downloaded this exiting example but in the current beta 3.7.1 (371) this example doesn’t seem to do anything on my ipad (Ipad pro iirc it’s from 2018)

@Amber I just loaded the above zip file and it ran OK on my iPad Air 4 with version 3.7.1 (371).

PS. It doesn’t run on my iPad Pro 1.

Do you have the exact model of your iPad? I have a 2018 iPad Pro, which is what I used to create this example :thinking:

@John My iPad Pro is a 12.9" iPad Pro 1st Gen (WiFi) / 128GB / ML0Q2LL/A released in 2015.

oh I was wrong, it’s from 2017! (model number A1701)

All, didn’t run on my iPad Pro. Attached details of my pad and the errors presented.

Ooops, only half the error as window not expandable. Here is upper half of error.

Didn’t have any errors on my iPad Pro, but it didn’t display anything on the screen. Acted like it didn’t like something in the shader where it just doesn’t show anything.

@dave1707 - sounds like the crash report I posted for 371. That gave me a blank screen apart from the three dot split screen system at the top.

I think I know what that is. The setBuffer() function no longer takes an access mode, since this can be inferred from shader metadata, so the extra parameter is not recognised