RE: Why is My account closed

i am sorry about the dissuction but i knew my account was still active but i could swear that i did not post it as my account was still open how would i post the discusion if it was closed and it could have been changed to make me seem malicious

@iluvecodea - if you started posting about Codea (which is what this forum is for) instead of all this other stuff, you would be at less risk of being banned.

Please stick to Codea from now on.

@iluvecodea A little punctuation might make your post a little easier to read and understand what you’re saying. The only way someone else could change your post was a moderator or someone who knew your password and logged in as you. A moderator isn’t going to change your post unless you say something inappropriate, then it will be edited. So either you wrote it or someone with your password did. If that’s the case, then it’s advised you change your password and don’t let anyone else see it.

Well i am sorry i am getting a hard time on this and i have only been on here for about 3 days and eceryone is either picking on me, arguing with me or blaming things on me and i have beharuaral issues and autism so please try to go a bit easer on me beacouse its hard for me to be sociable and all i whanted to do is be a moderator

@iluvecodea - I’m afraid nobody gets to be a moderator until they’ve been on the forum for a while and contributed a lot. And the Codea developers decide who will be moderators, not us.

As I said above, why not just have fun with Codea, and learn from all the helpful stuff on the wiki link at the top. If you get stuck, ask.

@iluvecodea We were just responding to the way we saw you posting and wanted to let you know that there are certain rules that should be followed on this forum. As for being a moderator, you have to earn that position. I wasn’t made a moderator until I was here for over a year and I was on the forum constantly helping people during that time. I also have over 35+ years of programming experience, so that makes it easy to help the new coders. I’m still learning Codea/Lua myself, so I don’t know everything about it. I’m here to help when I can and to learn from others.

ok. ?..
:-/ :-/ :-/

May I ask why you want to be a moderator on this forum?

@Kjell beacouse i love being helpfull

I can understand that, but there are more ways to be helpful than being a moderator. I started using Codea a year ago, being completely new to Lua. Now, after a year, I understand enough of it to help other people here on this forum with similar questions I had a year ago.

To me, moderating a forum doesn’t seem as such an exciting task, and I’m glad people like @dave1707 take on this job. I rather spend my time playing around in Codea :smiley:

@Kjell - exactly right! :wink:

@Kjell you’ve got that right, if helping others is what you want to do @iluvecodea then help others by creating examples and tutorials (such as what @Ignatz did/does). This makes you a key part of the community, rather than trying to take on more responsibility than you wish to, moderation isn’t fun and games. From what I’ve seen (@dave1707 especially), is the need for constant spam user rejection or deletion.

Edit: also being a moderator does not make you more helpful to people in terms of helping people with their code, it actually takes that time away.

@Luatee Some changes were made by @Simeon and so far that has completly stopped the spammers. I used to decline anywhere from several hundred to over a thousand spammers on a daily basis, but I haven’t had to decline any in a week.

@dave1707 You caught a break there, lets hope codea forums isn’t a target of a bot maker looking for a spam war. Or spam genocide as there’s only one party.


Guys, this person is just BSing you all and trying to get a reaction, best to lock this thread and let it die tbh.