Rate my first Game: Vert-O

Super simple yes. But I’d like feedback on things like:
what I could work on
Is it too hard
Is it easily understood

Send me all of your unfiltered judgments so that I can destroy my baby and rebuild it a new.

@Dezmo Nice game, challenging. It takes awhile to get used to moving the ball, sliding your finger in the opposite way you want the ball to go. I like that the distance between the lines get smaller as the game goes on. Not sure if you can ever get to where the ball doesn’t fit between the lines anymore. Just keep adding more to it, different colors for the pipes, alter the background color. There’s probably a lot of things you can add to make it different. Maybe you can add pop up things between the lines that give you more points if you hit them. You can add a high score routine at the end that asks for your initials and saves your score in a top 10 list.

Excellent! I’m glad to hear it.
I’ll look into the high score
And I want to see if I can add animation for the ball. And a trajectory line. And much more

I thought it’s rather difficult to get past 1 or 2 unless you get a lucky set of openings right next to each other. The most I can get is 6 and typically I get 0 or 1. Pretty difficult unless I’m missing something.

P.S. oh yeah I first played on my iPad in landscape view lol, on the iPhone in portrait mode it’s much much easier

@skarr yeah I should definitely add something like portrait mode. And mention it’s for IPhone

Hah I tried this in iPad landscape mode first time too, pretty hard!

@Dezmo - good idea, never seen this approach to gaming. I find the demo very difficult to play. Can only get past a couple of bars.

Ideas ?

  1. Add difficulty level
  2. Try multiple holes in early bars so that the user has more options and the ball can bounce back.
  3. Reduce the speed of the wall movements.
  4. Add a pause option to allow users to assess way forward or just take a break.
  5. Obviously you intend to make it graphically more interesting, a background would help and easy to do.
  6. How about buttons placed on bottom of walls to close holes below?

Just a few ideas, keep us informed - I’ll watch with interest.


Once you get used to the movement of the ball, it goes quite smoothly. I got a score somewhere above 110. Once the game ends, the score disappears. 110 was the last score I saw as the ball was nearing the bottom. I was trying to move the ball and not watching the score at that point. @Dezmo You need to show the final score before the next game starts.

After looking thru the code, you do show the score at the end, but if you’re still trying to move the ball, you go to the next game without seeing the score. Maybe to start the next game, you should have to tap the screen near the top where you’re not normally swiping the screen.

I had a score of 130. I added this code in the touched function so the score remained on the screen until I swiped near the top.

        if gameover and t.y>HEIGHT-200 then 

I’m loving all the feedback :o
@Bri_G do expect a discussion on animations an sprites soon

I may do either more holes if I can find a way or set the hole larger and slowly decrease it as you go to a specific limit like the distance between bars.

This is really the mock-up to my “dream game”

And I’ll work on a pause button and the Slow time feature(each time you touch the screen the walls and ball slow down)

@dave1707 i did add a Highscore feature recently and I’ll add in the higher tap for the game over. Maybe even a timer to see how long you lasted.

Thank you all for your input, I see that the game can be pretty hard even in the beginning and try to make some more ease in to the higher levels.
And figure out how I want the game to be moving forward. Oh work on the play area as well, been looking at the layout functions and orientation.

The dream game is a combo between
Leap day (App Store) and katana zero (ps,Xbox, switch) if you can imagine :wink: