Quick tip: Easily mak transparent stops on a PDF gradient

I was converting my app to 100% PDFs, and I ran into the issue with not being able to do transparent gradient stops on my clouds, so I can up with this (what seemed obvious after I did it) solution:

  1. Take each stop of your gradient and put the value of the alpha in the red, green, and blue fields and change the alpha to completely opaque.
  2. Export the PDF.
  3. Render the sprite in Codea with the “sprite” function.
  4. Here’s where the magic is: before the rendering of the sprite, type “blendMode(ADDITIVE)”.
  5. To color your gradient, simply use “tint()”.
    I hope that helps for the tiny percentage of you that wanted to use PDFs with transparent stops.
    P.S. In step one, you may have to convert the alpha to base 255 or whatever your editor uses.