Putting the app on app store

I have created an app and want to put it onto the appstore.

How can you do this if you don’t have a mac ?


You can’t

Apple’s policies suck

So all the great work that can be done on codea cant be put onto appstore without a mac! Grrrrr what’s the point of having codea on the ipad :frowning:

You also need Xcode, a $99 year Apple Dev account, and a fair bit of patience to manage the uploading.

Other platforms app stores are cheaper. I think Google Play is a one off $20.

Even so it’s highly unlikely that you’d make your money back.

Without an App Store hook up, you can still share code with other Codea users. Post it as a github gist than post the link here with some screenshots, a description.

I think of Codea, Pythonista, Continuous and now Playgrounds and the other iOS IDEs as providing the shareware scene that is otherwise absent from the platform. As such, they’re vital. IMO.

@yojimbo2000 - as to whether you’d make your money back depends a LOT on the developer, and why their doing what their doing, the quality of the app, the quality of the app marketing and a myriad of other factors.

I personally know several developers who’ve made a LOT more than their money back creating apps as a side business (some have even made the move to make app development their primary income).

Granted - not all of them are iOS dev’s, and not all of them are Codea users but that’s irrelevant. Codea is just a tool, like all the other dev tools.

What they all had in common was lot’s of dev experience, patience and the drive and belief in what they are doing - in that resepect Codea is even more valuable as a learning tool as it does hide away a lot of things that beginners don’t need to worry about.

As for @darkside2003 my advice would be to keep practicing your craft and getting better and better and then when you feel that you have a product you believe in strongly enough to warrant the outlay of equipment then go for it, the financial commitment you make should be enough to drive you through to the finish and inspire you to look deeply into the business of app development - not just the coding aspect.

My $0.02