Promo Codes for the iOS game TYH2 only Codea users

I have 6 codes for this game only for Codea users :slight_smile: my bross

if you want one write here.
Codes die in 6 days too :smiley:

Wow! Is this made with codea?

Nope, Iโ€™m studying this Blender to Codea thing right now
this game was made with Shiva3d

Iโ€™d like a code, please.

And this has me thinking. Iโ€™ll gin up some codes for my two new games. Thanks!

Right here, please.

@Mark - If your going to give up codes, we should host a competition and give them away to winners.

ok, just sent the codes, only 4 codes left and less than 5 days to redeem them :slight_smile:

Can I have one? :slight_smile:

yup @Jordan :wink:

I see you can name, feed and pet your animal, that will appeal to girls.

I should know, I have three daughters, and when they play anything like Sims, they spend most of their time dressing and naming their characters. :-S

Ok, here is the story, a girl bought the first version which actually is only the run minigame now, and she drawed and sent me 6 draws of how she would like the game to be, then I made the game for her and now 2.0 is the game that little girl who wrote me wanted :slight_smile:
do you want a code @Ignatz ?

@juaxix thank you very much, but my girls arenโ€™t little any more, so please give the code to someone who can use it better


too late, give the code to a friend before tomorrow :smiley:

Any left?

Any left? If so can I please have one?

Sorry @JakAttak and @Sillibird ,codes ran out the past week, but there will be more when I submit the next version.