Project rename button???

It’d be really nice if this was a thing. At the moment you have to duplicate and delete.
Someone told me to tag @Simeon or @John

Someone posted about this back in 2012. Please add it

@MPan1 Yes, this is indeed a helpful feature. If you want a feature to be added, you should tag either @Simeon or @John so that they get notified

@MPan1 @CamelCoder In the next version of Codea, you can write your own rename button. In a few lines of code, you can copy a project to another subheading:project and delete the old project. That way you can group any of your projects under whatever subheading you want. It would still be nice if Codea would do it, but this would work till then.

@dave1707, @MPan1 You can create projects under custom collections without beta access. It’s been in Codea since 2.3.3 when the project creation API was introduced.

createProject("My Collection:My Project")

The only caveat as far as I can tell is that the project name must be unique between all collections.

E.g. The following causes an error because the project name is duplicated.

createProject("My Collection:My Project")
createProject("My Other Collection:My Project")

-- Main:6: Project "My Project" already exists
-- stack traceback:
--	[C]: in function 'createProject'
--	Main:6: in function 'setup'

@XanDDemoX I forgot that the createProject was that soon. I was thinking about deleteProject that was added later? As I mentioned in another discussion, when I was playing around with createProject with collections, Codea deleted 25 of my projects and everything in my Dropbox folder. Maybe this is similar with tabs being deleted, but I’m glad I had everything backed up. You’re correct about the names having to be unique. I ran into that when I was playing around also.

@dave1707 deleteProject was also part of 2.3.3. I played around with that API quite a bit whilst developing DAVify but I didn’t see anything like that happen, except a tab vanishing once. Although that was mostly before I had beta installed.

@XanDDemoX OK, how about hasProject.

@dave1707 Just had a look, hasProject is available in 2.3.6. Not sure what version it was introduced though. It might have been included with 2.3.3 or possibly before but I can’t say for sure because I haven’t used it. It’s not mentioned in the roadmap either.

I found createProject today by accident, and it seemed to work for what I wanted to do. However, I can’t understand why when creating a project, you can’t just type “My Collection: Project”. This is how createProject works, so why isn’t it how the actual “Create” button works by default?

The option to create another collection for the projects was recently added. I’m sure the developers will add the code to the Create button eventually. They’re probably busy getting Craft completed so it can be released.

I just hope all my threads don’t get abandoned due to Codea Craft, no matter how fantastic it is.

@MPan1 Don’t be so impatient. Some of my requests took 4 years before they were included. Look thru the Issue Tracker in the top line of the forum to get an idea of what’s going on.