Project Descriptions

I just put in a feature request for the ability to add a description to a project. After doing so, I realized that there is already a placeholder for that information, and I possibly just don’t know how to access it. If you scroll your projects list to the end, you will see under the project name “No description available”. Is there a way to change this text on a project? I am hoping to use that for projects that I have downloaded, so I can put the source url there. That way, I can check to see if the author has updated it. Also, is this information specific to the file (included in the .codea file) or just on the iPad itself? If it is in the .codea file, it would be neat if people entered the source url in when they upload it.

We’re working on that feature. In addition we’ll be adding tags, author, and other metadata that gets stored in the .codea project.

Great - I must have missed the project description part.