ProcTree in Codea

A fun tree-generator to fiddle with.

Bunch of folks’ work is here—the JS library is from @Steppers and the work converting the JS mesh to a Craft model is from @binaryblues, and I wrapped it up in a pretty bow with Parameter controls you can play with.

Requires the JavaScript library that can be found on the JavaScript thread (I’m not sure if the WebRepo version is up to date—Steppers, any word on that?)

@UberGoober The lovely thing about WebRepo is that it bundles the dependencies in with the upload automatically :wink: (admittedly this project did require a small fix and re-upload to play nicely with CodeaUnit though). No need for ‘require’s X & Y as a dependency’ in the description.

1.0.1 on WebRepo should run straight out of the box.

This really is an awesome piece of work though!

@Steppers thank you!

Now on WebRepo.